About Us

What we do?

“TopArepa” was established in 2011 as a joint venture focused on upgrading the traditional arepa dish, a grilled cornmeal patty from South America. TopArepa’s mission is to upgrade this well-known ‘street food’ typically found at fairs and carnivals by adding a multitude of fresh ingredients and toppings and providing customers with a more sophisticated arepa culinary experience. In doing so, TopArepa will build long-term relationships with both its satisfied costumers and business partnerships while offering the City’s public a new choice of delicacy cuisine.


What is Toparepa?

The traditional Arepa is a staple food in Colombia & Venezuela and consists of flat round cakes with melted cheese inside. TopArepa Arepas, however, consist of a very tender and sweet corn patty sliced in half with melted mozzarella cheese inside and various toppings on top, which adds flavor and excitement to each dish. Our Arepas have a great tasting combination of sweet corn and salty low fat mozzarella cheese. Our Arepas are always grilled and not fried, providing a warm, well-balanced comfort food for any time of the day!